Law and Medicine Initiative

Preserving access to life-saving drugs while protecting innovation, markets

The Law & Medicine Initiative at the Center for Innovation (C4i) is a national center of expertise in the complex legal areas of intellectual property, health, and medicine, including drug patents, drug pricing, drug access, and trade secrets.

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About the Law & Medicine Initiative

The Law and Medicine Initiative at the Center for Innovation (C4i) pursues the following goals:

  • Bring clarity to complex pharmaceutical law topics so that policymakers and stakeholders can aid and protect consumers and foster more efficient markets;
  • Identify and generate the data and knowledge policymakers and stakeholders need to serve the public interest in pharmaceutical law matters; and
  • Develop a range of solutions to support state and federal actors in protecting consumers harmed by pharmaceutical law behaviors as well as to prevent future harm that might be caused by such conduct.

C4i was founded in 2012 by Professor Robin Feldman, who serves as the center’s director. Professor Feldman is one of the nation’s leading experts in the complex areas of intellectual property, health, and medicine.

For more than a decade, Professor Feldman and C4i have been documenting, analyzing, and mapping the myriad ways pharmaceutical companies take advantage of systemic loopholes to boost their revenues and profits. C4i helps guide policymakers and stakeholders to find workable solutions for creating a more balanced marketplace.